Them Dumb Sheep

1.2 billion sheep can’t be wrong!
And if they had iPhones they would be playing this special SHEEP GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION!

What the press says: Nothing much.
What mom says: Sunny, you’re the best!

Your mission?
You and your bang-bang truck are out to save the world from total sheep-mayhem overload. The thing is, there are too many sheep and too little time.

Can you do it? Download it now a give your orange smoke-spitting rusty old power-tractor a spin in the wild!

“Probably the best sheep game I’ve ever played” – iPhone Tom

“You will certainly be playing it time and time again to better your times as it has that charm about it that we all like in casual games” – iPhoneGamerUK

“Overall Catch the Sheep is addicting, challenging and a real fun. It is a must buy for casual gamers of all age groups!” – iPhone Footprint

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