itunesconnect Released.
1. (Fixed) When if interrupt from incoming call or push home button then game is crash.

Colony-M2 is a simulated planet that was created by mankind for living. Because the population that grew rapidly, M2 isolated itself from Earth as a self-govern planet, with Earth as a loose ally. In the year UA. 4532, M2 caught a strange signal dispatched from the Moon so it sent a team, led by Colonel Jason, up there to investigate the cause. What they discovered was that the Moon is breaking into pieces and Earth is aiming to use M2 as the replacement, a replacement that involves the death of everyone currently living on M2. Jason decided to intervene and defend his people from the selfishness of the Earth people. This is the war that, no matter who won, will change everything about this universe…It won’t be wrong to call this this ‘the final war’.

Stage1: Mission on the Moon

Investigation Unit: Black Eel
* Black Eel landed on the Moon and was attacked by an unknown force, which was the starting point of the war.
Stage2: Crimson Moon
* The Moon was covered in larva eruptions. The communications are no longer working. Jason had to survive the chase by the unknown force and the explosion of the Moon.
Stage3: Return to Earth
* Jason reached Earth and found only emptiness. The unknown force is still chasing him. He has to find survivors to find out what really happened.
Stage4: Water World
* When he reached Washington, he found that the city was turned into a sea of ice. People on Earth had already moved to the planet called Fiminis to prepare to replace the Moon, that was about to crash into Earth, with M2.
Stage5: The final war
* Earth people were about to use the Moonwalker to destroy the Moon and replace it with the planet M2. Jason will have to prevent that from happening to defend his people from the selfish Earthlings.

* 4 types of ships to choose from, each with different abilities (dispersal shots, slow but destructive shots, machine gun, laser shots).
* Weapons and enhancers will be unlocked as level proceeds
* Totally 5 stages, with the boss in the last stage. The stages come with progressive difficulties, the further you go, the more difficult it gets.
* Within each stage, you will be able to collect items, such as energy boosters, weapons, and defense boosters.
* The ship can be controlled in 360 degrees.
* Two buttons for shootings.
* Game center support with highscore and achievements.
Normal shots can be fired anytime, while the special shots will work only for a limited period of time after fired.

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