The Weakest Rev?!

Can you “lose” this Rev game?!

Even if you are not good at playing Rev, don’t worry!
Strong players can also enjoy the game.
This is the weakest Rev ever. Never seen before.

□ Modes
★win mode
Win mode is the mode that as you win,the opponent gets stronger.
(The weak players can enjoy the game and at the same time get stronger!)

★lose mode
Lose mode is the mode that as you lose,the opponent gets weaker.
(If you are confident about Rev, try to play the game! Let’s see if you can get defeated by the weakest level.)

★vs man mode
Compete with other players via Bluetooth or Game Center.

□ Features
– There are different levels from – 4 to 4.
– 5 different board designs such as normal, luxury or hand-drawing shabby paper board.
– 2 board sizes of 8×8 and 6×6 available.
– Supported Leaderboards.

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