The Walrus’ Riddles

Do you like to spend your leisure time guessing riddles, brain teasers, rebuses, or puzzles? Or maybe you are the guru of riddle games?

Our rebus game is fascinating challenge for everybody who likes to test their logic and thinking skills while having fun!

In this app you will find a lot of different rebuses of varying difficulty based on funny and interesting associations. You may face the really complex riddles while playing and should rack your mind to solve them!

Enjoy playing “The Walrus’ Riddles” game on the go, in the office or at home. Game rules are very simple and clear. Choose a rebus and guess the correct word which is represented by pictures on a screen. You may navigate through the set of riddles the way you want and may start any riddle whenever you want. Really nice graphics makes the game entertaining and funny.

We hope that all riddle lovers will be pleased with “The Walrus’ Riddles” game as we are!

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