The Travelling Salesman

The Travelling Salesman is a fun educational puzzle for the iPhone. The object of the game is simply to navigate the shortest route between a set of cities, visiting each city once and returning to the starting city. In the game you are presented cities from each of the 50 states. Each state has four levels of difficulty for 200 puzzles in total. The backgrounds for each state are a photo taken from the state.

The game is based on the classic computer science “Traveling Salesman Problem” of combinatorial optimisation. Not only are the puzzles interesting, but it’s a fun way to learn about a famous computer science problem. Additionally, you’ll learn some geography and the relative locations of hundreds of small towns across America.

– Unique pictures from every state
– 200 levels
– World Leaderboard

If your a fan of games like Parking Lot or PegJump then you are sure to enjoy this game.

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