The Crazy Message :D

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“Possible the funniest game ever created”

“Prepare yourself for embarrassment, fun and a little possibility to hook up with someone special”

“Nothing beats the look in someone’s face when the wheel of death launches”

The Text/SMS game has finally arrived for the iPhone! This game is played all over the world, and mainly in a state of intoxication. The rules are simple, the outcomes are not. The question is; How far are you willing to go?


The player starts by pressing the “Start” button and a random text message will be generated. The player then presses the spin button to start the wheel. The rows on the wheel contain a letter, a number and a picture, individually and randomly generated each time. The combination of the wheel determines what need to be done.

There are five outcomes:

1. If two “SEND” comes up, the player needs to send the text message. The number and the letter on the first two rows determine to whom the message will be sent. If B3 comes up for example, the player need to send the text the third person in his contact list under B.

2. If two “GIVE” comes up, the player chooses anyone of the other players to send the message. Again, the number and the letter determine to whom the message will be sent (see above)

3. If two “PASS” comes up, nothing happens and the player passes the phone along to the next contestant.

4. If two “NUKE” comes up, the bonus game, “Wheel of Death” launches. The player need to spin the wheel and do the thing the wheel stops at. There are six different outcomes, and all six can be customize as the players like before the game begins.

5. If any three similar symbols come up, a “Get out of jail card” is given to the player. The player having this benefit still need to spin the wheel when it’s his/her turn, but can choose to use the card to pass on any action except the spin of death.

If the player refuses, (maybe its a really dirty text to the teacher), he is either out of the game, have to finish his beer, or do any other thing that has been agreed to before the game (whichever you find most amusing)!

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