Speed is important for a sumo game!
Push your opponent out of the ring!

[How to play]
Control your sumo wrestler to push your opponent!

[Various types of sumo wrestlers]
Choose from four different types of sumo wrestlers.
Each sumo wrestler has different levels of speed and power.

[How to control]
↑:Moving ahead
↓:Moving back
←:Left hand turn
→:Right hand turn

When sumo wrestlers bump into each other, they will bounce back.
Focus on your opponent’s movement.

There are five stages.
When you win two times, you will go on to the next stage.
The shorter time you spend, the more score you get.

The game ends when you lose two times.

[Sumo technique]
Use two sumo techniques to win.

One gauge point is reduced.
Your sumo wrestler pushes your opponent.

Three gauge points are reduced. (Only one gauge point will be reduced, if you fail.)
Your sumo wrestler switches positions with your opponent.

You can’t use the techniques when you have no gauge point.

The game has a ranking.
You can be a sumo champion!

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