The Stupid Icon Quiz

The Stupid Icon Quiz:
THE STUPID ICON QUIZ challenges you to name ANIMALS, LOCATIONS, FAIRY TALES, SONGS, FAMOUS PEOPLE, MOVIES based on our originally sketched icons. Can you guess them all?

*Hundreds of sketched icons to challenge.
*5 different themed packs to choose from.
*5 types of hints to help you out: “reveal letters”, “remove letters”, “reveal facts”, “reveal answers” and “ask friends”.
*When you are stuck, you don’t need to start over. Just choose another icon or another pack and come back later.

What make our ICON QUIZ different and special:
*UNIQUE THEMED PACKS: Special packs including ANIMALS, WORLD FAMOUS FAIRY TALES, and SONGS, which you will not see in other games.
*JIGSAW PUZZLES: Each sketched icon is a JIGSAW PUZZLE, meaning you won’t see what it looks like exactly in the first place. You can control the complexity of each icon. The more complex the icon is shown when you complete it, the more coins you will earn. But remember, once you have lowered the complexity of the icons, you can’t switch it back! A fresh way to challenge.

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