The Singnal Man – An Addictive Rails Game Lite

This game seems simple at first… But it takes a lot if concentration and planning for you to succeed! Its so addictive it will have you hooked from the first time!

*** The idea is simple; bring the train to the correct color station. Station colors and Train colors should match to hook the train to correct stations.

Every train has a color on top but it might be on the wrong track, you job is to redirect it to the correct station which has same color. In order to redirect a train you need to tap on the gears which which will open rails on one of the direction which either make it stop or drag it straight to the right track. Sound super easy right?

*** It gets complicated when there are multiple trains of different sizes and at different speeds involved as well!
You earn a point for every train that enters the right station. But for every wrong one you loose a point as well !
In order to complete a level you need to earn a certain amount of points (15 and 25 depending on scenario)
Be extra careful, if the train crashes with another one, you loose!

Sounds simple? Try it! Let’s see how good you really are!

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