The Royal Quiz: Prince William & Kate Middleton Special Edition

Do you know a lot about the Royal Families? Or would you like to extend your knowledge? Then this quiz is just right for you!

April 29th 2011 Prince William will marry his Kate. We are celebrating the upcoming wedding with a Kate Middleton & Prince William Special Edition theme quiz. The questions cover members of the Royal Families from all over the world.

So why not test your knowledge about the Royal Families attending the wedding and at the same time learn something extra on the subject?

========GAME PLAY================

Get a new question by pressing one of the 35 quiz-stones on the game board. You’ll get 10 points for a correct answer and minus 5 for a wrong one. In addition you’ll learn more from the detailed explanation. When/if you later get a familiar question this will help you with your highscore.


– Trivia Quiz Game about the Royal Families

– 60 questions in mixed categories

– 60 answers with bonus facts

– Highscore with Apples Game Center

========COMING SOON==============

Improved highscore, more questions, multiplayer


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