The Smash-hit casino app – THE Roulette is now available ONLINE!!!
The new 【ONLINE ROULETTE】 will bring you the same exciting Roulette experience at the Casino.
You will definitely feel the realism of playing at a Casino while playing with friends online, in REAL-time!
You can also practice with 【ONLINE ROULETTE】 before your Vegas or Macau trips!
Keep playing and very soon, you will know Roulette like the back of your hand! How’s that for the big win at the real Casino?!
【ONLINE ROULETTE】 is available for Android smartphones, worldwide NOW!
※ ONLINE ROULETTE is also available for Offline play.
Please note that you will require your Facebook Login to play ONLINE ROULETTE.

——Peculiar way to use——
Having trouble with deciding something!? Then, spin the roulette!
See where the ball goes and where it stops is the answer!
Your undecidedness will hopefully be solved…
What’s your fortune today?
Choose a favorite number or a color, wish for it and BET!!!
If today’s first number is your favorite number…today is your lucky day!!!
Sharpen your sixth sense!!!
The roulette numbers come out completely in random.
Sometimes try expecting the number without betting…
Daily trainings will bloom your sixth sense!!!…maybe!!!

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