The Riddles of Fingerling

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A murder. A man suspected, but no evidences.

The police have only one possibility: ask for help from Maurice Fingerling, a man who works as a puzzle maker for a local newspaper. A man with a special gift …

Thanks to his psionic powers, Fingerling can enter into the dreams of criminals to uncover the secrets they try to hide in the subconscious.

Behind puzzles and riddles, Fingerling will find the solution to the mystery.

Game features:

* “Random Generated Riddles”: every time you start a new game, the riddles are randomly chosen. About 1 million possible combinations to each new game, high replay value.

* “Point and Click” Adventure, “Mystery Game” and “Escape Game” all in one.

* Investigate the murder, enter in the suspect’s dreams and find all the clues.

* Brain teasers, classic riddles, mathematical sequences, find objects and keys to proceed in the adventure: a lot of things to do to resolve the mystery.

* Two different worlds: the real one and the dream world, full of puzzles and riddles to solve.

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