The Rich Man for VIP

★★★★★ The Eiffel Tower is up to Auction!
★★★★★ You can use more money with VIP version. (+ G5,000,000)
(And It has many special functions for you)

The Rich Man is a location-based social game, which users can buy or sell land freely and become rich.
Even the person, who is interested in real estate but has no money in real world, can become millionaire in the world.

Your objective is to buy any lands you love and make money by either trading or collecting tolls from these lands.
You can buy land with provided gold coins.

★Buy wherever you want!

Make Time Square, Paris, Hawaii yours!
Buy special places that hold sentimental attachment to you

★Here competition comes!

Compete against your Facebook friends to buy best land
Buyback the stolen land by paying twice the price of land
Receive special items for well-known places

★ Make Friends around your land!

Enjoy having conversation with people around your land!
Present land as a gift to your friends!

Be the world’s richest person in the world, now!

From The Rich Man team.

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