The Reversi

If you are looking for a real Reversi app with beautiful graphics and animation, this is it!

“The Reversi” is a wonderful version. With this single app alone, you can play with all of iPhone/iPod touch/iPad !
And… Enjoy “real” Reversi whenever you like, wherever you want.

*30 levels of difficulty from beginner to expert.
You will find the most suitable strength among 30 levels for head-to-head game.

*Challenge to win the special style boards by defeating computer!
If you defeat computer under the given conditions, you will get the new surprising boards and stones to replace.

*Other features:
– Human vs Computer, Human vs Human (sharing a single device)
– Handicap game( a game starting with 1-4 black handicap stones)
– Save/Load game record
– Hint
– transmit game record by e-mail
– play this game while listening iPhone music

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