The resurrected army of wizard

The characters you draw on the screen will become strong warriors and fight for you! This is an archaic parchment scroll with an ancient incantation. You can resurrect the warriors by outlining the figures you want. As the strongest wizard of the kingdom, you must come forward courageously when the Dark Legion invades your country.
Game features:
★ The outstanding game experience: its exquisite scenes, lifelike special effects and smooth control give you a vivid experience of the battle’s tension and the wizard’s mystique.
★ The brand-new game mode: battles are fully automated. As a powerful wizard, you are not only the creator of the warriors but also the commander of the battles. The awakened warriors will automatically join the battle under your arrangement.
★ Warriors with different figures: you can wake up different warriors by outlining different figures on the screen. Of course, the warriors with stronger power and cooler figures will be unlocked by clearing the levels.
★ Levels with more pleasure: different troops of the Dark Legion attack in different levels. In order to win, you have to wake up corresponding warriors according to the different features of the enemies.
Crisis, battles and enemies are imminent. Pick up the archaic parchment scroll with ancient incantation, resurrect the powerful archaic warriors and resist the enemies’ invasion with your Resurrected Army.

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