The Princess Road

The devil who kidnapped the princess,a symbol of peace and hope, undermined morale.
And the devil is occupying the kingdom as surging waves.
The sly devil shattered hearts of the princess and spread then around the castle.
Then the devil ordered his inferiors to keep pieces.
Be a warrior. You wake the princess as you collect all pieces of her heart with her friend fairy.
Break through throwing knives and steel shells from the inferiors.
Rescue the princess and liberate the kingdom from the devil’s hands.

The beautiful fantasy world – beautiful graphics and musics lead you the world of fantasy fairy tale.

The stunning action of knives – feel to elliminate all throwing knives from everywhere with your sppedy and accurate touching.

The risky movement – eliminate pouring throwing knives with a burnning sword (like touching in extreme speed) and get the herat of princess
as quick as avoid wrecking balls.

The various playing modes – not only clear stages, enjoy at a time to relate all stages.

The world wide fully management system – login at the Princess Road official management home page and check your best records and levels.
Reach the goal to the world best warrior ” Rock ‘n’ Roll~~!!

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