The Price is Right ™ 2010

The Price is Right ™ 2010 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: The Price is Right 2010

If you ever ran excitedly to the living room to watch The Price is Right with grandma, (or maybe if you are the tech savvy grandma reading this review right now), then you will absolutely love this game. All the Price is Right staples are here: the fabulous, glitzy music, the absolutely genius games and of course, fabulous prizes announced in the most spectacular way. But there’s no Bob Barker and no messages about neutering your pets at the end of every game, sadly.

Come on down!

Undoubtedly inspired by the Miis or Xbox Live Avatars, The Price is Right starts you out in character creation mode. Winning different pricing games unlocks new clothes and hairstyles for your little game show avatar. The genius of the original show is really showcased in the pricing games, especially in the faithful representations of classics such as Plinko and Hole in One (or Two). They’ve even sampled video from episodes when they show the prizes.

We should note, however, that the game may be slanted for you to win. Through a glitch, we once played a final showcase against a copy of ourselves. It was as if the game wanted us to win so badly that they cast our avatar as both contestants. But hey, we still won.

It should also be noted that some of the items you have to price and the prices themselves may be a little outdated. Really, who even buys home phone answering machines anymore? But even if we were bidding on leisure suits and crank-operated cars, The Price is Right would still be a fun game to play.

And, we’re sorry but we’ve got to say it, for only 3 bucks in the App Store, the price is right! Ba-Zing!