The Pinball HD

Universal Game Center Rating: 4+

The Pinball HD is a game from OOO Gameprom, originally released 21st April, 2010


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Pinball HD Review

If you’ve ever enjoyed pinball in the arcades, Gameprom’s pinball games are among the best you can buy for your iPhone. Now iPad owners are in luck, because you can play them natively on the big screen in The Pinball HD. The experience of holding a pinball table in your hand is great, and with three amazing tables included, you’ll have hours of entertainment lined up.

Content-wise, the three tables (Wild West Pinball, The Deep Pinball, and Jungle Style Pinball) remain pretty much unchanged from their iPhone counterparts. Wild West still retains that simplistic feel, The Deep is full of missions, and our personal favorite, Jungle Style, is feature-packed with multiball and many other interactive elements. The integrated online scoring also makes a return for each table, and you can pull up a ‘tip’ image that gives you pointers on the best way to rack up points.

We should probably give back Donkey Kong’s banana.

Gameprom’s tables have always had the best physics, and with better graphics the realistic effect is even more convincing. You really get a feeling of depth and immersion when playing The Pinball HD. Also notable is the option for 3D. It supports three variants of glasses, although it is more difficult to play in this mode due to the nature of 3D images.

Our only real complaint is in the presentation between different screen orientations. Currently, landscape mode presents the entire table at an angle and portrait has the camera following the ball around, zooming in and out when in certain areas of the board. We would have liked to see an option for a full-table view in portrait like the one available in the iPhone versions. Also, there is an orientation lock bug. If you try to lock the orientation in portrait mode, it automatically flips to landscape.

Aim here to commit a felony.

If you own an iPhone and want to have all the games compiled, you can download the Pinball Remote, which comes free with Wild West Pinball. The others can be bought for $2.99 a pop, and it also unlocks the tables in the free Mac version. Our favorite feature of the iPhone collection is that you can use the device as a flipper while you play the games on your Mac. However, this isn’t possible in the iPad version.

Even after playing the same tables on our iPhones for hours, we are still giving our full recommendation to this pinball collection. Don’t pass this up if you’re a fan of the old arcade standard.