The Paper Plane Guy’s Construction Kit!

Simple fun with a sheet of paper-make and fly! We have revolutionized the way folding paper planes and origami is demonstrated. We use a series of flipbooks that allow you to watch the plane being folded step by step before your very eyes!

12 Original paper airplanes using no glue or cutting. Award-winning paper airplane designer John Collins introduces you to the craft of paper airplane folding.

This is a must-have handbook on paper airplane basics: one person, one piece of paper, and a few folds later, one airplane.

The application’s flip-through animation shows the basic origami folds in a way that’s never been done before. Slide your finger back and forth to watch the figure fold and unfold before your eyes. Step through at your own pace, see exactly what is going on.

Want to test your throwing skills, there’s a throw simulator that allows you to practice your throw using the phone’s accelerometer to see if you’ve perfected the technique.

“Why is my plane cratering into the floor!?!” Can’t figure out why your plane isn’t flying correctly, the extensive instructions and FAQ section will help you sort things out.

Want a plane that will fly back to you, try making one of the boomerang planes! Want a plane that releases a helicopter mid-flight, make the helicopter system! You will be amazed at how well these planes fly, these ain’t your grandpappy’s paper planes.

FYI: This app (including the flip-book) does not need the internet to operate.

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