The Painting Test FREE – How Many Do You Know?


Welcome to the biggest and most challenging test of your life. There are over 100 world known personalities and you have to try and see “How Many You Know?

Use the perfect ZOOM feature to get up and close to the faces and make sure you know who you are looking at…

There is a perfect scoring system and ratings structure to see just where you fit it…
Are You As Smart as you say you are?

Compete with friends and family and be honest with yourself and see who knows more… Scroll, Zoom, Read info and click your way through it and most importantly take your time… Play for hours and hours to increase your score and then brag about it to everyone around you.

This Universal app has been designed and developed to give you a great experience on the iphone, ipad and ipod touch..

Some of you might find this easy but most will find it hard and challenging but at the same time very addictive…

Play it by your self or get help and play with a couple of friends and family!

Forget the MENZA test, Forget all the tests, THIS IS THE ULTIMATE test to see just how well informed you really are.

This is the FREE version and 35 out of 104 personalities can be seen…

GET THE FULL VERSION for all 104 personalities.


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