The Number

WARNING: The Number is a HIGHLY addictive game…

“The Number – The time killing game.”

The Number is the perfect game to play in “rush” moments, like when your are in the bus, bank line, waiting for your dad to pick you up at school…

In this game, your goal is to discover which number your iDevice has chosen…
So you think it’s too easy??
You have only 10 tries!

You can choose between 4 different levels:
Easy, Medium, Hard and Custom (you choose the number limit!)

The Number is also a great game to be played with your family / friends… Why?
Choosing the 2 players mode, player 1 has to type in a random number, giving only 10 tries to player 2 discover it!

The Number is being updated with several new features, like online mode!

What are you waiting for?

“The Number – The time killing game.”

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