The Nitwit Test

If you don’t get it, then you’re a Nitwit! Work your way up from a doodoo-tossing-no-talent-zero-intelligence-monkey-person to a somewhat-talented-mediocre-intelligence-neanderthal…

Just because Darwin’s Theory of Evolution said you evolved doesn’t mean you really have, Nitwit test will be the judge of your so-called ‘evolution’.

Put your brains – if of course, you have the good fortune of possessing such a complex apparatus – to the test.

It is a game after all, not a miracle worker. But hey, maybe you can prove the test wrong? If you do we’ll give you your money back. Psyche! the game is for free genius! See what I did there? I used your obvious lack of smarts
to my advantage. Try your hand at beating this colossal collection of unique, fun-filled questions and you might just make it out with some dignity.

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