The Moron Test

Universal Rating: 4+

The Moron Test is a game from DistinctDev, Inc., originally released 20th April, 2009


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The Moron Test Review

We’ll start off by saying that, yes, we know this review is nearly two years late. Yes, many of you have already decided whether or not to buy this app, as it has been sitting pretty near the top of the paid apps list ever since launch. And yes, you likely just want this game to go away by now. However, since we just got around to checking it out, here’s our review of this clever test game.

The Moron Test is very much like all the other ‘impossible test’ games that came before it, in that you have to carefully follow (or, in some cases, disobey) orders given by the game. It tests your reaction time, memory, and ability to avoid getting frustrated when you make a mistake. You get a total of four restarts from the last checkpoint before you’re sent back to the beginning.

Duck is the only right answer.

The game comes with five tests that each offer different challenges, such as having to flip a switch before completing a puzzle, or disobeying orders given on gray cards. The only caveat is that the ‘Ooga School’ Pocket God-themed test is basically a reskin of the first test. Tests are easy to blast through after completing the first time, although high-score and achievement lovers may want to go back to get the best possible times.

Three minigames are available for a $0.99 in-app purchase, although they aren’t very fun. Each is a slight variation on hitting as many buttons as possible in a 30-second time frame. After playing these once we had little motivation to touch them again. If anything, these should have been included for free with the app.

The Moron Test isn’t ground-breaking and it doesn’t last long. However, you won’t put it down until you’ve completed it, a testament to the game’s addictive qualities.