The Mighty Mason

Greetings loyal subject! I’m so glad you’ve decided to join me as my new Associate Mason! I have a lot of kingdoms that are in need of some repair, after all a prestigious Prince such as myself must have a wonderfully maintained kingdom.

I know you’ve heard rumor about the rebel activity but really its nothing to worry about, I mean you are fast right? Don’t worry as there are plenty of wonderful clothing items for you to upgrade your armor rating and of course there are those magical Power Bricks for you to use!

What are you waiting for! Get cracking on protecting my 5 glorious kingdoms sunshine!

*********GAME FEATURES************
* Unique game play puts you inside the castle for a new type of Tower Def game!
* 40 levels of frantic fixing fun!
* Armor Upgrades – make yourself into the most armored mason in the entire kingdom!
* Power Bricks – use magical upgrades to protect your castle walls!
* Bonus Multipliers – accuracy counts and reflects in your score!
* Frenzied Fun for all ages!
* Original Soundtrack!
* Game Center and leader boards and achievements!

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