The Message


Manu 1205: “Short but Sweet”

Dr Dave 1968: “So it’s short and it’s very sweet…”

– It’s exactly that. It’s not a big game, so you’ll be able to walk through it in a matter of minutes. Thanks for the comments, they are appreciated.

Want an app to show someone you love them? Then this is the app for you!

The Message lets you control your player as you walk through the level collecting the scattered gems. Reach the end of the level to reveal the hidden message.

Gift the app to your loved ones, especially as a romantic gesture, and show that you love them. Watch as they play through the level and discover the message for themselves.

Utilising the Unreal Development Kit, The Message was developed specially for devices running iOS – the iPhone 3GS is the minimum requirements for the Unreal Engine.

Use the on-screen joystick buttons to move the player around the level. And, the player character isn’t always safe in the level – beware of dangers along the way.

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