The Merchant In Fair

The Merchant In Fair ( Mercante In Fiera ) is an old italian card game.The goal is to remain at the end, holding the cards equal to those associated with the highest prizes.
There are two identical decks of cards, one red and one blue, the blue deck is divided between the merchant and the player. From the red deck must be removed and covered 6 random cards (the prizes).
The merchant knows the prizes cards, you must understand the strategies and whether the merchant is telling the truth or not, so to get in the end higher prizes.

Here is the explanation of the merchant:”There are 6 prize cards, randomly selected from the Red Deck, identical to the content of the Blue Deck (all discovered cards), I know the position of all the prizes, which can be either in YOUR cards (bottom) or in MY cards (top) , I will counsel you to exchange and I’ll tell my opinion on certain cards that will be proposed.
Remember: I can always tell the truth or I can always bluff, until such time as I am in trouble (for example if I no longer have the highest prizes), in that case I might change my strategy: bluffing when I was telling the truth or telling the truth when I was telling lies.
You will also have available a LIE DETECTOR! But you can only use it once.
So you have to understand which are the highest prizes and try to get them, or keep them until the end of the game!”

Also compatible with iPhone 3G

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