The Massive Photo Quiz

The Massive Photo Quiz is a massively multiplayer online game. Photos show up on your iPad screen and you guess the right answer. Tap right and fast!

Actors, movies, famous places, comics, illustrators, cartoons, sports… surprise yourself and challenge the World in any theme. Everyone playing is seeing the same photo at the very same time, like on a TV show! It’s massive!

The quiz mixes funny and cultural photos, popular and expert themes, simple and tricky questions, and keeps you excited. Beware, you may get addicted to the quiz.

The quiz is getting longer and longer every week because anyone can post a new photo on it in seconds. Want to see your favorite place in the quiz? Select your photo, imagine a few challenging answers, tap Publish and voilà.


• More than 40 minutes of quiz (and counting…)
• World-wide leader board (no account needed)
• Realtime system to play versus the World
• Publishing system to publish your own piece of quiz
• Statistics for your publications
• Beautiful stylish graphics and sharp sounds

Hey! The game is running now! And it never stops.


Huge update coming soon! Thanks to our testers! Here is what we’re working on for the next update:
• Rendez-vous system to challenge everyone at the same moment!
• Quiz themes (movies, music, places, easy or tricky…)
• Facebook leaderboard!
• Photo publication from the web (to complement the one from the iPad)

The game will remain free for a few weeks… until our servers crash ;)

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