The Jackass Test

★ Another classic brain teaser test hits the App Store… The Jackass Test! ★

Are you a jackass? Prove everyone wrong! Answer 30+ hilarious, fun and puzzling brain teaser questions while unlocking achievements and hitting the top score sheet! Whether it’s simple counting or just plain random, you’ll always be entertained. If you get stuck on questions you can always cheat!

★ Connect with other players ★
▸ Tweet @JackassTest
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★ Game Center: Leaderboards & Achievements! ★

✔ “Pretty silly, pretty fun! It definitely is a brain teaser…” – (Reviewer)

✔ “I Loved this app I wish the game was longer!!!!!” – Sandra Major (Player)

✔ “I had fun and now I want to try it again because I’m intrigued!” – Lina Marino (Beta Tester)

✔ “I would give it a 5/5, I love those kinds of games!” – Peter Alevras (Beta Tester)

★ App Store Rank ★
▸ #1 iPad Trivia in Poland 10/6/12
▸ #6 iPad Trivia in Australia 10/6/12
▸ #8 iPad Trivia in USA 10/6/12
▸ #9 iPad Trivia in UK 10/6/12
▸ #28 iPhone Trivia in Australia 10/6/12
▸ #36 iPhone Trivia in UK 10/6/12
▸ #39 iPhone Trivia in USA 11/6/12

Learn to be observant and think differently! Turn your brain upside down! Give it a try… it’s FREE!

This application was developed by Alectric Studios Inc. (Twitter: @AlectricStudios) Please visit our website and view our other apps at
Music by Mark Kopani (Twitter @idashur)

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