The Italian Talking Alphabet for Kids! FREE

The Italian Talking Alphabet is the easiest way to teach your kids the Italian language. The game teaches to recognize and pronouncing the letters of the Italian alphabet. Moreover, the application helps to learn many Italian words and recognizing them by listening to their initial.
Finally, the game allows kids to test their knowledge thanks to three addictive quiz and tests.
In order to remind all the information learned, the game uses a video with a nice nursery rhyme.
The Italian Talking Alphabet is more than an educational game for kids (4-10 years old) – it also is a funny way for not getting bored at the doctor, the supermarket, in the car or if traveling!

There are 5 sections:

√ Learn (Impara). Touch the letters and recognize them. Discover 26 different images/words and listen to the exact pronunciation
√ Quiz #1 (Indovina) – Recognize and touch the right letter. A quick useful quiz to test your knowledge*
√ Quiz #2 (Riconosci) – Recognize and touch the right image after listened its initial.*
√ Quiz #3 (Completa) – Complete the name of the image by selecting the right letter. Be careful, only a word is the right one!*
√ The Video with nursery rhyme. Listen to the song, remember the name of the images and learn the letters!*

* In App only

The game is also delivered on iPad (separated version) a
Don’t miss the chance to teach a new language to your kids! Use this game to do this and to let your kids getting fun!

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