The Hungry Koala LITE

You had a holiday in Australia and in the forests of Australia you found a lovely and desperate “Hungry Koala” named “Gu Jie” who needs you to feed her. Just take the eucalyptus ball into the bucket that Gu Jie holds for you, by using items around. An Interesting Puzzle game that can make you stuck on it.

Hungry Koala is a level based game. The main story of the game based on a koala. You should feed the koala with the eucalyptus ball. Mean time do not forget to get the stars over the screen. Game is so simple just koala which holds a bucket and an eucalyptus ball. use the physics and items in the game to get the eucalyptus ball into the bucket to feed the lovely koala.

what is on version 1.0

– 6 different challenging levels

Get a Koala to feed or get “Hungry Koala” to play!

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