The House of da Vinci

Universal Game Center Rating: 9+

The House of da Vinci is a game from Blue Brain Games, originally released 22nd June, 2017


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[Sponsor] The House of Da Vinci on mobile lets you solve puzzles based on Da Vinci’s own designs

We’d like to thank our sponsor for this week, The House of Da Vinci by Blue Brain Games. There’s a reason Leonardo Da Vinci is the only renaissance figure who routinely shows up in video games you know. With his remarkable inventiveness and genius for creative problem-solving, Da Vinci was a gamer through and through. He was just born 500 hundred years too soon. Thankfully, there are studios like Blue Brain Games to bring him to life in videogame form. The House of Da Vinci, which comes to us courtesy of a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, is a puzzler that seeks to channel the artistry and innovation of its title character.
You play as one of Da Vinci’s more promising apprentices, and you have the challenging task of trying to work out where the hell he’s gone. Was he assassinated by the church? Who knows. Has he quietly gone into a retirement? Perhaps. Did he accidentally invent a shrink ray and shrink himself down to the size of an dustmite? Probably not. Da Vinci’s workshop looks beautiful, thanks to some impressive 3D graphics, and the in-game environment is crammed with all the elaborate machines and crazy inventions you’d expect to find in the workplace of a renaissance genius.

You need to manipulate these contraptions to solve the game’s environmental puzzles, and to help you with this are further contraptions that let you see behind surfaces to find hidden items, and even turn back time. The obvious comparison is with the hugely successful and acclaimed puzzler The Room, though there are significant differences. Whereas The Room was all about creeping you out with ominous minimalism, The House of Da Vinci has a much stronger emphasis on storytelling. The aim isn’t only to solve puzzles, but to discover the fate of Leonardo Da Vinci while at the same time undergoing the transition from apprentice to master. Lending weight to this narrative thread are some authentic period music and architecture, as well as devices and designs based on Da Vinci’s own manuscripts.
We think The House of Da Vinci is a polished and intriguing puzzler, and you can download it now on Google Play and the App Store. Android, Mac and PC versions are coming soon too.