The Hindu Crossword

This application gives users the ability to download and solve the online crossword provided by the Indian newspaper, The Hindu.

The application analyzes the free online crossword provided by the newspaper and converts them into an interactive format.

Implementation features:

1. Download and cache the crosswords for later use, even when not connected to the Internet.

2. Monthly calendar view with dots below the dates to indicate cached crosswords.

3. Two viewing modes – Grid and List. In addition to these, there’s an edit mode, where you can enter the answer. The orange navigation bar provides two arrow keys on either end to help you traverse the letter of each clue. Click on the edit button to edit the solution.

4. In the grid mode, you can sequentially access the clues by tapping on the right and left corners of the area in which the clue appears.

5. Random access to clues can be obtained by swiping a finger across the cells of that clue (horizontal for across clues and vertical for down clues).

6. In the edit mode, two arrows appear below the cells for that clue. Using the right and left arrow, the cell for which the letter is entered may be moved.

7. Ability to solve a clue partially by simply using spaces (or any non-alphabet character).

8. Automatic saving of solved clues so that the user can return to a crossword at a later time.

9. Web View provides the view of the crossword as it appears on the website, in the event that the clues cannot be parsed correctly.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the application will download the crossword freely available from the website of the newspaper when initiated by the user. The seller or the developer of the application cannot guarantee that the crosswords will be available at the newspaper website in future. For more details, please refer to the support page of this application.

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