The hamster catch

Hamsters don’t have easy lives!
Catch only hamsters’ favorite food and avoid their least favorite food!

[How to play]
1. Tap three hamsters to switch between catch and guard.
Catch pose: Catch foods that come from the top.
Guard pose: Guard against foods that fall from the top.

2. Quickly recognize foods that come from the top of the screen and then switch between catch and guard.
Catch hamsters’ favorite food.

When sunflower seeds are coming down, catch them quickly.

Guard against hamsters’ least favorite food.

When chili peppers or spiky capsules of chestnuts are falling down, guard against them.

The more time passes, the faster foods fall.

[Game over]
Catch and guard properly to increase points.
When hamsters catch their least food or guard against their favorite food, it’s game over.

Catch sunflower seeds as many as possible to get a high ranking!

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