The Groove

PLEASE READ THIS DESCRIPTION FOR PURCHASING THIS APP! This app is NOT a Mah Jongg matching game, but rather an accessory to be used when playing American Mah Jongg with REAL tiles with THREE other players in a face to face game. It is a handy little utility that helps beginner American Mah Jongg players remember which pass he or she is on during the PASSING or CHARLESTON phase of the American Mah Jongg game. It is to be used as an accessory when playing Mah Jongg with actual tiles and other live players. After dealing all the tiles in a real, live game of Mah Jongg, the user starts this application. Then, after each of the passes in the real,live game of Mah Jongg, the user advances to the next screen and the application displays which pass is next. It also displays helpful reminders about the characteristics of each pass such as when the user can stop the Charleston and when the user can make a “Blind” pass.

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