The Great Eggscape – Lite

Finally, the eggs have escaped the evil egg factory!! But what’s that??
Their escape has been noticed!!

Oh NO!! Quick!! They got to roll out of there!!

Help the eggs escape from the egg factory!! Guide the eggs to their safe
haven and roll through many difficult levels!! But be careful… There are
many obstacles on their journey to freedom… And remember!! Eggs can be
easily broken… So watch out where you roll in to…

The Great Eggscape is a fun to play game with more and more levels and
locations to come! It is up to you to guide this lovely egg family to their
safe haven. Use the rotation of your device for controlling the characters.
A game with realtime physics!

Navigate through several levels as each member of the Family!

Next to come: new location, like Peru, Mexico, Las Vegas

Updates with new locations and extra features will follow soon!!

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