The Golf Balls LITE

***** GolfBalls is a fantastic game. Arcade and sport at the same time. Get it now for free ! **** A different type of game ***** Really good replay value

Throw different balls with your finger and get the ball in the hole with minimum throws, lower your handicap and rule the physic engine that notices any speed or direction movements of your finger.

If you liked Angry Birds or Golf you will love this game. Great replay value trying to lower your handicap from 40 down to 0. This game is about skill and practice. Luck will take you nowhere unlike real Golf.

Highlights and features:
* 54 holes to master
* Unlock 6 different balls with different quality features.
* Handicap system based on real golf rules.
* Realistic physic engine.
* Hundreds of objects with different themes to get around.
* Special throws – Driver throw – chip throw +++ many more throws to learn and master.

Scroll arround with finger to get an overview of objects and the hole

Enjoy !

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