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“Challenge to be the GOO: the God of Organization!”

GOO is the game that adapts classification and organization as main game mechanism in a really fun and smart way. In this game, you will go through stages as many as you can do with your organization skills, and as you repeat doing it, you will realize you are improving your organization skills a lot.

How to play

In GOO, each stage consists of two substages: organization stage and test stage.
In organization stage, using finger, a player organizes objects by keyword suggested on the screen within given time limit. When the player finishes organizing, s/he can press done button, which will bring s/him into test stage.
In test stage, all the objects are remained as the state of the organization stage right before it was ended. On the screen, the subcategories of the keyword are shown with number instead of the keyword, suggested in organization stage, and the player has to move the number of objects belonging to the subcategories to the “submit” image in order to submit them. When s/he submits all the objects required, “done” button gets activated and test will be done if s/he presses it or time limit is done. If a player can’t submit all the objects required, game is over.
when you move an object, if it is collided with another object, it stops moving, which takes quite amount of time, so a player has to organize objects the most effectively and in an organized manner so that they can be moved without, or less collisions.
If a player submits an object that is not required, or submits more objects than required number, s/he can press “reset” button in test stage, which will bring all the positions of objects to the initial test stage.

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