The Gambler – Let's challenge to the richest

TO2 Apps is proud to introduces The Gambler. In this application, You can bet on sports and play lottery and invest stocks. We guarantee infinite fun. Now, In this application, Meet your possibility.

Sports – You can meet various soccer, baseball and basketball leagues. The sports result is updated every day. You can bet on teams which you think win. And the dividend is decided by your betting sum. When the match finish, you can receive your dividend.

Provided Leagues List:
* English Premier League
* Primera Division
* Italian Serie A
* German Bundesliga
* French League 1



Other Features include:
* Lottery result is updated every week. You can buy lottery ticket anytime and make sure whether you win.

Slot Machine:
* This Slot Machine is designed based on a real slot machine. Refund percentage is 95%. The Slot Machine Rule is very easy.And it is very fun!

* The stock price is updated every 30 minutes. You can practice in this application invest stocks. And you can buy and sell easy.

You can check and receive $15 every 90minutes

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