the freQ – lite


‘The Freq’ is an Audio-Game that exercises pitch perception, memory and reflexes!

Audio Games are games that can be played with eyes closed ;
their mechanics rely entirely on sound.

In the freQ player first chooses a frequency and then tries to recognize that chosen frequency among other frequencies in incoming sonic streams!
Frequencies may appear in different shapes, pitches, speed, rhythms and stereo patterns, making the streams more complex as players advance through levels.
Current version features:
– 13 sonically exciting soundscape-levels of rising complexity.
– 3 different difficulty modes
(beginner – advanced – pro)
– Pitch differences as small
as microtones (1/4 of a tone)
– High score table to compare your achievement with friends.


Recommended for:

– Music Teachers and Students –

‘The Freq’ establishes a tonal center quite early, building up from small interval differences of whole tones, semitones and microtones (1/4 of a tone) to bigger ones, thus guiding the player to focus on other properties of sound, like amplitude envelopes, duration and stereo pan.

– Meditation Lovers –

‘The Freq’ requires and exercises concentration, as incoming streams become faster and more complex and the puzzle harder to solve. Resulting soundscapes offer a relaxing and mind-clearing experience.

– Sound Explorers –

All in-game action is produced through a sine-wave oscillation generator. Electronic aesthetics followers, as well as all music fans, will enjoy the sonic possibilities that the game’s stochastic algorithms produce.

– Alternative Gamers –

Most games are based on visual input and feedback. Audio games is a genre that offers a 100% sonic experience. All action in ‘The Freq’ is triggered and fed back through sound.

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