The Fortress

The hardest & most extraordinary riddle game on iOS!!
Ready to challenge the Fortress?


“All in all, this app is just great. The best thrilling survival-horror produced in pictures and riddles!” – What’s on iPhone

“LOVE IT ! LET ME KNOW WHEN THERE IS MORE! ” – Facebook fanpage


Dare to challenge The Fortress?

Imagine your mind has been trapped inside your head and is unable to reach the outside world. Imagine all the fears and concerns you are forced to struggle with in that new, strange situation. Frightening images that you see, weird thoughts that come to you constantly and without any control. What has happened? Nobody knows… You don’t know! Now you have to solve this mistery, solve the ultimate riddle of yourself. You have to break the indestructible and invincible walls of the Fortress of your very mind!

Will you be able to manage it…?

The Fortress is an extraordinary and unique riddle game. The idea is quite simple: solve all riddles and find the ultimate answer. Sounds easy? Well… Try it!

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