The Flood: Salvation

The Flood: Salvation is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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The Flood: Salvation Review

It is always amusing when the lead character in a game is entirely helpless, and if it weren’t for you, the all-powerful player, they would die many a gruesome death. Of course, there are also games like Pocket God, where your character dies gruesome deaths because of you. But that’s a different story.

The Flood: Salvation is a physics-based puzzler with a slight twist. Instead of trying to make shapes, or get a ball to a goal, you are trying to save a man’s life. Specifically, you are trying to save the life of Joe, a helpless rag doll character who can’t swim, but can withstand a beating. Using a variety of different objects, from life preservers to boxes to bombs, you have to dislodge Joe from his unfortunate position to float him to the surface of the flood waters.

Time to start drinking.

There are a great many objects in between Joe and the top of the flood waters, from metal blocks to spinning saws to laser beams. The innovative feature of the game is that the levels begin without water, and once you have placed the available pieces, the game begins and water quickly fills the screen. This gives gravity a chance to pull objects down before they float in the water, if they’re light enough. This element adds a good level of challenge to the game.

There are over 40 levels, each beginning with Joe in a dangerous place. There is a “help” feature you can use if you get stuck, but it only gives you one hint. Without the ability to skip levels, getting stuck on one can halt all of your progress in the game. Our other qualms include that the graphics aren’t impressive, and Joe’s helplessness can get annoying when he is inches away from his freedom. Overall, however, The Flood: Salvation is a fun physics puzzler, with a strategic– and sometimes gory– twist.