The Famous Game

Classified among top 100 music games musicali in many countries!!!

#Winner of the Digital Experience Awards as Best 2012 Videogame
#1 Music Game in Germany and Austria!
#1 Music Game in Saudi Arabia!
#2 Music Game in Italy!
#Among 10 top apps in Germany!

☆ Incredible music gaming experience –
☆ Really challenging game –
☆ Extremely addictive game with incredible music –
☆ Creat the beats as you play –
☆ Impossible to stop playing –

★★ Are you fast enough to become the most Famous player in the world? Prove it! ★★

Get ready for an incredible music gaming experience, so intense that it will create a total addiction.
With just two controls, tapping to jump and tilting to steer, guide the ball on the track and catch the diamonds to play electronic music.

✔ Easy and addictive gameplay

✔ Compete with the entire world through the leaderboards and achievements of the Game Center

✔ Colors change according to the progressive course of the game, more and more difficult

✔ Interactive “old style videogame” sound-effects created by Valerio K Solari (

✔ Obtain your personal record by surving the longest possible time to the game and by collecting the music diamonds

✔ Complete the word FAMOUS by collecting the letters on the track

Watch on YouTube:
☆ a video presentation
☆ a tutorial

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Credits: The App Synapse
Claudio Braccini (Game Designer), Francesco Cricchio (Software Engineer), Valerio K Solari (Game Music)
More info:

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