The Experiment

The Experiment is a revolutionary story-based psychological survival game like you have never seen before.
Take a trip into the darkest corners of your mind. Not for the faint hearted!

The Experiment will put your mind to the test, and see how far your power of will can take you. Playing is rather simple: Press and hold anywhere on the screen to start playing. The game itself is your enemy, and it will in various ways persuade you to give up. It will will awaken unpleasant feelings in you, but you can stop playing at any time, and your progress will be saved. There is no puzzles or hard to beat enemies – the only thing that stops you from progressing in the game is you! It is strikingly simple, but that does not meant that it will be easy. You can not win the game, but you can see how far you can reach, and compete with your friends via Game Center. See if you have a stronger mind than your friends.

We promise you that you will not play this game to the end, without having been emotionally affected in one way or another.

Everyone loses at some point.

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