The Embrace – A Vampire Card Game

THE EMBRACE is a game of vampire cards. You attempt to sire potent offspring by drawing cards and adding them to your hand. However, draw three wooden stakes and you loose your turn.

Each card has one of four clans (Diren, Lascavia, Skirra, Regalis) and one of five powers (bloodlust, strength, transform, dominate, immortality). Higher points are scored for having more diverse powers and higher clan devotion.

The objective is to feed for more Blood Points than your opponent and the game ends exactly one turn after either player has 500 Blood Points.

For free you can play Ataturk who only cares about Clan Devotion, or you can play Orlok who only cares about Powers. Upgrade to play Carmilla the most challenging AI who only cares about winning. You can also play other mortals using pass-and-play.

Do you dare? Or are you scared?

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