The Doubleback

Rocky Fairfax is living the dream. Star quarterback for the New Alden Miracle, the best American football team in the country, headed for the playoffs. His best friend is his wide receiver. His surrogate uncle is designing an energy distribution system that could revolutionize the world. Life is good. Until, after a hard fought game, he gets a call from Dr. Dominick; that energy distribution system has been stolen! As Rocky races to the lab, he discovers an army of robots have taken over the city! Rocky must double as a hero to save the city!

• 2D platform shooter in a beautiful 3D environment. New episodes updated every 3-6 months.
• 18 unique challenges across 3 levels.
• 28 unique weapons that can be modified using 17 different elements.
• 4 Exo-Suits to grow through experience points to compete at all 4 difficulty levels.
• Earn medals to purchase everything through gameplay or purchase.
• Cloud saves across the universal app.

• iCade / iCade Mobile
• iControlPad
• Gametel
• NOTE: Go to the Options menu to enable

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