The Dead-day 1

** MMG Presents The Dead

Since July 15th when the initial outbreak was declared there was mass panic on the streets. The government thought that if the army could control the virus by killing everyone who was infected, that by now they would have started the clean up operation. It’d been six weeks now and the radio messages had all but stopped. When James occasionally ventured out of the cellar to move through the house up to the main bedroom, he noticed the odd person walking slowly down the street.

* Please note this is an Adventure Game, lots of game play, no fancy graphics.

* We’ve worked very hard on this game to make sure the content is playable, the text has been checked and nice images to match the games theme.

* We plan to bring out Day2 shortly as a paid extra.

Please Rate is you enjoy this game or email us on with an issues or content you’d like to see added.


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