The Dark Hills of Cherai: The Regal Scepter HD

Help Tara, Maya, and Rahul journey across the dark hills of Cherai to find The Regal Scepter before its overtaken by a powerful, evil magician. In The Dark Hills of Cherai: The Regal Scepter, brought to you by Big Fish, the world’s #1 Publisher of Adventure games, players search for the ancient artifact locked away behind a door that can only be opened by combining 12 amulets. But that’s not all! The Regal Scepter is also protected a guardian creature, who Tara, Maya, and Rahul must cleverly circumvent before saving Cherai’s powerful piece of regalia.


☆☆☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆☆☆

✓ An evil magician has come to Cherai!
✓ Play as multiple characters
✓ Share your inventory to solve puzzles
✓ Can you find the Regal Scepter?

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