Help the kingdom that is almost destroyed by the dark invaders!!!

The Dark Fantasy is a fantasy battle game to help the kingdom to revive by strengthening your military with dragons,beasts, knights and mages against enormous evil enemies!

Build facilities and collect Gold to strengthen your military to a battle against your enemies!
Improve your level by completing quests and/or beating enemies!
Make an alliance with your friends and cooperate together to beat your enemies and beasts!

– Ultimate fantasy with magical and adventure battles!
– Exciting battle against other players’ kingdom!
– Build houses, shops, farms to collect gold!
– Cool graphics that everyone adores!
– +300 dragons, beasts, attackers and mages!
– Improve the level of dragons, beasts, attackers and mages through the battles!
– Defense facilities to protect your territory!
– Immortal beast, ”Raid Boss” appears to attack people!
– So many quests to start an adventure journey!
– Destroy your enemies’ kingdom!
– Make an alliance with your friends to strengthen your military!
– Free Daily Treasure Box!
– Get honor and experience points by winning the battles!
– Your tactics and strategies turn the tide of battle!

– This is an online game only. Users must be connected to the Internet (3G or WiFi) to play.

Supported devices:
– iPhone4S,iPhone4,iPhone5
– New iPad,iPad2,iPad mini
– iPodtouch(Fourth generation or more)

Supported iOS:
– iOS5 or more

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