The CropDuster for iPhone

Now free! Completely free! Just get it, it’s free. You fart on people and its free so get it. It took a ton of time to make it. Why haven’t you gotten it yet?

The 5 star rated iPad game is now available for iPhone 4 & 4S! This is The CropDuster, the most fun you can have while mashing your finger against a screen.

In this gassy puzzler, you are Gerald Stayne, an outcast employee for a large company. After years of not fitting in, you decide to have some fun. Carefully make your way through 35 levels of cubical mazes, cropdusting all of your coworkers while heading to the bathroom. Timing, strategy, reflexes, and luck all play into passing each increasingly difficult level. Your coworkers are constantly rethinking their strategies, meaning no two gaming sessions are the same!

A note from the creator:

Greetings! I’m Dan, a graphic designer from the Philadelphia area and if you’re reading this, you’re no doubt shuffling through the app store looking for something fun to occupy your time (as I’ve done many times before). I built this game as a challenge to myself to construct an experience I hadn’t yet found in the app store. I wanted a game that was easy to pick up, difficult to master, and wouldn’t leave me frustrated or annoyed. I’m proud to say the end result is something completely unique that I hope you enjoy playing as much as I enjoyed building.

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