The Clones of Corpus

From the creators of last year’s smash hit Last Stand comes The Clones of Corpus, where epic zombie gore meets film noire.

You control a soldier clone created by Corpus Corp in a zombie apocalypse, and it’s just some wooden blockades and your shooting skills to prevent you from becoming the next meal!

Clones of Corpus offers hours of zombie blasting entertainment. Use the innovative control scheme to fight across the Campaign levels, or face up against endless waves of zombies in Survival Mode. Earn and spend Zombucks to customise your character and unlock more powerful weapons and upgrades!

· Zombie gore meets film noire!
· Blast your way through the horde with guns, mines and turrets
· Immerse yourself with 6 different levels
· Put your skills to the test in survival mode
· Earn bragging rights by dominating the high scores
· Get to grips with an innovative new control system
· Spend your zombucks wisely on character and weapon upgrades!

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